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Solvents with high calorific potential

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Service Description:
  • Tecnoservizi Ambientali, as the responsible party for the entire operation, obtaining the required authorisation to dispose of the waste;
  • Provision of the most suitable and authorised means of transport for the export of hazardous waste;
  • Disposal conducted in appropriate European plants with the right capacity and safety standards;
  • Temporary storage of waste in our company’s own storage centre and/or at centres designed to hold such waste before forwarding it on for disposal;
All operations are conducted strictly within the current safety norms and regulations. At the end of each disposal the client is issued, by the Tecnoservizi Ambientali personnel in charge, with a certificate of final disposal which details all information relative to the quantity and type of disposal operation undertaken.

Who this service is suitable for:

The disposal of solvents service was started in response to the requirements of companies operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors which need dedicated and flexible capacity for the disposal of their waste.

Advantages of the Service:

The disposal of solvents overseas was started to offer clients a cost-effective alternative to the facilities currently available on the market. Significantly, the plant with which Tecnoservizi Ambientali is connected for the collection and disposal of such waste, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Access gained to the plant via our company gives our clients the benefit of significant disposal capacity.