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Obsolete acetylene gas cylinders

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Service Description:
  • Tecnoservizi Ambientali, as the responsible party for the entire operation, obtaining the required authorisation to export waste cylinders;
  • Provision of the most suitable and authorised means of transport for the export of hazardous waste;
  • Disposal conducted at technologically advanced plants with the intact reclamation of all components;

All operations are conducted strictly within the current safety norms and regulations for export. At the end of each disposal the client is issued, by the Tecnoservizi Ambientali personnel in charge, with a certificate of final disposal which details all information relative to the quantity and type of disposal operation undertaken.

Who this service is suitable for:

The disposal of acetylene cylinders is principally for those operating in the production of technical gases and for sales organisations operating in the industrial sector.

Advantages of the Service:
  • A full check and inspection of all obsolete cylinders at a centre qualified to do such work;
  • complete retrieval of intact components from the cylinders and the subsequent trustworthy disposal of all waste;
  • Tecnoservizi Ambientali takes full responsibility for the notification and obtaining of all necessary permissions for the disposal and transportation of the cylinders to their final destination.

Tecnoservizi Ambientali offers clients, furthermore, a checking and inspection service for cylinders before their despatch for disposal.