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Tecnoservizi Ambientali’s growth and market success have consistently been in compliance with the group’s core principles and values based on transparency and clarity, which means strict legal compliance, respect for employees, customers, vendors and shareholders, fair competition, a commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection, and operations in line with the principles of social accountability.

The Code of Ethics formalizes Tecnoservizi Ambientali’s value structure: it sets down the rules to be followed to ensure that all activities carried out in the various corporate areas are conducted regularly and properly at all times so that acting strictly in compliance with the Code becomes a matter of fundamental importance to protect the Company’s integrity and reputation.

The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organization and Control Model.

The Legislative Decree No. 231 of June 8th, 2001 disciplines the Administrative Liability of legal entities deriving from offences. This liability affects the company through the adoption of appropriate sanctions (i.e. permanent disqualification from business activities) in case of offences committed or any attempt to commit offences by employees in the interests or to the advantage of the company itself. The Legal entities criminal liability is added to the criminal liability of the subjects who have committed the offence and it remains subject to, and governed by, the rules of criminal law.

Code of Ethics
Organisational Management and Control Model ex D.Lgs. 231

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