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Catalysts used in hydrogenation

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Service Description:
  • Tecnoservizi Ambientali, as the responsible party for the entire operation, obtaining the required authorisation for the disposal of the waste;
  • transportation of the waste using the most appropriate, authorised means to export this type of hazardous waste;
  • collection of the depleted catalysts from client’s premises, their temporary storage at our company’s own storage facility and, thereafter, forwarding the material overseas for the metal reclamation process;
  • reclamation of the metals contained therein and inert support at technologically advanced plants.
All operations are conducted in compliance with the required safety norms and regulations. At the end of each disposal the client is issued with a certifi cate of fi nal disposal, by Tecnoservizi Ambientali, which details all information relative to the quantity and type of disposal operation undertaken.

Who this service is suitable for:

companies operating in the chemical, petrochemical and oil&gas sectors.

Benefits of the service: 
  • complete recovery of the metals contained within the catalysts, inert support and the subsequent, reliable disposal of residue waste;
  • Tecnoservizi Ambientali assumes responsibility for all the necessary notification required for the disposal and transportation of hazardous waste to its final destination.

Furthermore, Tecnoservizi Ambientali offers a resale service for catalysts, to plants seeking to buy the component content(metals) from such operations.